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hand-printed t-shirts made with love in Amsterdam.

The story behind the t-shirts

Here is the story behind my prints on t-shirts. After years of working in digital environments, I felt the urge to go back to a simpler, more fulfilling way of designing. Inspired by the need to get away from the computer screen and to use my hands to make something tangible, I taught myself how to silkscreen on textile. I took my love for photography and fashion and meshed them together to create sustainably made prints. As an artist, I’m intrigued by the intersection between the manufactured and organic. I intuitively capture these juxtapositions and reuse the photos to create unique designs. From these photos some are of everyday things that have a geometric quality, some have personal significance, and others are just of beautiful shapes that catch my attention. I then abstract elements from these photographs to create my designs and later I manually silkscreen these shapes as limited edition prints on t-shirts—only 100 of each. Because each print is handcrafted, no two are exactly the same and that’s part of the beauty.


The fun of making

It is a lot of work but really fun to do. Watch the video and get to know the process of printing.

Because we care

For all t-shirts and tote bags I use 100% combed organic cotton. The prints are made with discharge, free of formaldehyde water-based ink for a soft and smooth-feeling product. There are no harmful or distracting odours in the workspace and garments can be worn immediately.

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Earth Positive Information
Climate Neutral Information
Global Organic Textile Standard Information

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